100% FREE Social Media Marketing Services

How it work?

Purchase any of our services mentioned below, make a bill of ₹15,000 only and get 100% free social media marketing services with it.

Copy Writing @ ₹2/word

MR will help you to create copies for your social media posts. Create , Social Media Content Calendar with perfect captions & creative content that would help your brand to perform outstandingly. 

Branding & Design @ ₹1300/creative

We will help you in branding and creating stunning graphics for your social media pages. 

Website Design & Development @ ₹15,000 only

Let’s design a beautiful website that would make your customers revisit every time they browse the internet.

What do you get with our

100% FREE Social Media Marketing Services

Free Social Media Postings on unlimited channels

We will posts your content on all relevant social media channels which will be decided as per your brand needs.

Free Brand Awareness Campaign Growth Hacks every month

Let us help you create campaign ideas to help your social media pages reach increase. Our strategies are based on in-depth market research & social media algorithms.

Free Ads Management for Brand Awareness

Marketing Remixed will run ads campaigns for brand awareness. These ads are sure to get you the best engagements on your social media page.

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